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    Graduate Spotlight

    Dapeng Wang
    Dapeng Wang: Alpha Class

    ProVet is proud to have such a successful and robust group of graduates who are succeeding in their civilian lives.

    Dapeng Wang exemplifies a ProVet success story. Dapeng Wang came to the United States from Beijing, China in 2011 to earn his Master’s in Accounting from Hofstra University in New York.

    Carrying on in the United States after his graduation, Wang was employed as an office administrator for ASTAR Composite and as a sales auditor for a nonprofit.

    In 2014, Dapeng Wang joined the United States Army.

    Denouncing his Chinese citizenship to gain his American one, leaving behind the life he already knew in the US, and leaving his family in China, Wang left for Fort Sill, Oklahoma. After graduating from Basic Combat Training, Wang was stationed all over – from Texas to Georgia, then to South Korea and Germany. In 2019, Wang returned stateside to Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

    In September of 2020, Wang was honorably discharged from the United States Army and began his transition back into civilian life.

    Wanting more professional development, he enrolled in the Alpha Class here at ProVet.

    Graduating from ProVet Leadership Academy in 2020, Wang looks back at his team of mentors and his experience within the program fondly.

    “ProVet helped me continue on a smooth and seamless transition after serving 6 years in active duty military services,” he said of the benefits provided to him from the Academy. Acclimation to the business world, time management, personal accountability, and independence were only some of the benefits Wang gained through his time in the ProVet USA Alpha Class.

    Wang also said that ProVet helped him gain a better understanding of general business operations.

    “Nobody can succeed alone,” Wang said as he closed his graduation interview.

    ProVet is here to ensure that no veteran has to face the transition into the civilian world alone. Beyond our program, we’re here to support our graduates in their continued successes.

    Wang is now a real estate assistant and owns his own restaurant. Flying Chicken Station can be found in central Tennessee outside of Nashville and online here.

    Mission, Vision, Ambition: ProVet USA

    Starting this quarter, ProVet USA is excited to announce a new blog-style publication where our thoughts, concerns, and cares about the veteran community and its state of affairs are voiced.

    Read our first installment below and follow up with our website and social media for our next report.

    Crisis at Home April 2022
    Underemployment is not unemployment. Underemployment refers to the engagement in work that does not utilize a worker’s skillset.

    Underemployment is not just about being placed in a job that doesn’t fit one’s abilities. Underemployment can result in declination of mental health, lower wages, lack of personal and professional development, and financial harm to the employer.

    Veterans experience underemployment at disproportionate amounts due to misconceptions about their military experience and its applicability. These misconceptions and generalizations about military experience limit the offers extended to veterans once they separate from the military. There are approximately 6 million veterans in the United States that are eligible for work – 33% (1.9 million) are underemployed. Debunking these falsehoods is key to solving this underemployment crisis that veterans face in the workforce.

    Veterans, on average from a study performed by LinkedIn, have nearly 10% a better retention rate than civilians. They also offer more education and experience than their civilian counterparts; veterans are 160% more likely to have, at least, a graduate degree. This means that veterans bring knowledge to the job and won’t require additional education at the cost of the employer. Those veterans that hold degrees also offer 2.9 times the work experience than a civilian with the same degree, meaning that less resources will have to be spent on training.

    Despite these advantages offered to employers by veteran applicants, veterans are 15.6% more likely to be placed in a position that doesn’t utilize their skillset (compared to civilians).

    There are specific sectors in the civilian workforce that hire veterans at higher rates. Conversely, there are sectors that hire veterans at discriminate rates. Top sectors, unsurprisingly, are defense and space; utilities; and government administration.

    For veterans looking for a new field, marketing and advertising; real estate; and computer software tend to be less opportune.

    The LinkedIn study was able to identify some causes that impact the hiring process for veterans. Government funding and/or hiring incentives have done more harm than they were intended to. Closed networks on LinkedIn (meaning, a vast majority of a veteran’s professional contacts are also veterans) also limit the opportunities that veterans may find, apply for, and be offered.

    A larger issue that hinders veteran growth in the civilian world is the civilian-military divide. This divide refers to the assumptions made and misunderstandings held by those who have not served in the military. As mentioned above, the mischaracterization of veterans and their military service can greatly impact and diminish the opportunities offered to them in the civilian world.

    Enter ProVet USA.

    ProVet USA aims to help veterans conquer the challenges presented in the workforce and the hiring process. We advocate for veterans so that those challenges are lessened altogether. We help turn the tables to favor our country’s veterans.

    By offering leadership training at no cost, as well as personalized mentorship and an extensive network, ProVet USA provides the support and skills necessary to conquer the hurdles placed before veterans and their spouses in the job market.

    ProVet is the number one destination for transitioning veterans to get guidance in their initial navigation of their professional life as a civilian.

    If you’re interested in supporting ProVet USA and America’s veterans, consider donating to our cause at Any and all contributions are welcomed and greatly appreciated.

    We Thank You

    Without your invaluable support and partnership, ProVet’s mission of veteran empowerment would not be possible.

    Sponsors & Partners

    The Tustin Group

    Based in Pennsylvania, The Tustin Group is a single source integrated building services company that provides solutions in mechanical, energy, water, fire, and security areas. This past February, The Tustin Group became a corporate sponsor of ProVet USA and launched its plans to integrate our graduates into their workforce. The Tustin Group, already a military-friendly employer, will continue to increase their rates of veteran employment by pulling from our graduate pools. The Tustin Group’s president, Steve Fluck, in a press release, said that “veterans have the sense of duty, strong work ethic, and team player mentality making them ideal employees.” The Tustin Group, with their donations, support, and proactive views on veteran employment, are an invaluable asset to ProVet USA and a champion for our country’s veterans.

    Perfection Group

    An industry leader in HVAC, Perfection Group is one of ProVet USA’s most crucial sponsors. Dedicated to hiring veterans and increasing their opportunities in the civilian workforce, Perfection Group is what makes ProVet’s vision possible.

    Smart Buildings Academy

    Formerly Building Automation Monthly, Smart Buildings Academy offers building automation training to organizations to help them increase their profitability and maximize their potential. SBA is a Provet USA partner and has provided support to our mission and our graduates in crucial ways.


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