Empowering Veterans

With The Training to Successfully Transition Into The Workforce

ProVet is the first and only leadership training program that empowers our veterans with the skills they need in today's workplace. Developed by veterans and organizational psychologists, it uses advanced psychometric assessments and mentoring to help these men and women find upwardly mobile positions. And it’s available to veterans and military spouses at no cost.


Committed to advancing the professional post-service lives of America's veterans and their spouses

ProVet hones the experiences and leadership potential that veterans have gained from the military and helps them learn how to apply these skills in the corporate environment

ProVet is a Uniquely Personalized Leadership Training Program Developed by Veterans for Veterans

Our network of veterans and organizational psychologists created an on-demand 12-week e-learning course with live coaching to help men and women exiting the military transfer their skills from the armed services to the corporate workplace.

Your ProVet assessment creates your personal baseline that enables our team to tailor your leadership training and coaching to YOUR strengths and weaknesses

Through our combination of assessment-based psychometric testing, on-demand microlearning, one-on-one accountability calls, and personal coaching, ProVet helps our nation’s veterans thrive in their transition to civilian life.


A personalized online learning experience
that supports you every step of the way:

  • 12-week on-demand e-learning course
  • 48 high-impact microlearning videos
  • Live accountability calls & coaching

ProVet is the culmination of more than 50 years of experience in the organizational leadership coaching industry. With the input of veterans, the program has been condensed and tailored to fit the specific needs of transitioning military members. Our robust leadership development content has been used to train executives and high-performing management teams all over the United States. Now it’s available to every veteran who enrolls in our ProVet Leadership Academy.

A Flexible But Structured Online Education
Designed for The Modern Veteran Learner:

  • Easy Online Access
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Closed Captioning

The Science of Leadership:
ProVet Battery Assessments

Your ProVet psychometric assessment creates your personal leadership baseline that enables our professional mentors to tailor the ProVet curriculum specifically towards your strengths and weaknesses. Psychometric tests are a standard and scientific method used to objectively measure an individual's personal traits, knowledge and skills. Your assessment reveals your natural leadership style and helps you to understand how your personality drives your preferred leadership style.

The ProVet Leadership Assessment Battery includes: Military focused Myers-Briggs, Hogan Personality Leadership Assessment and Verbal Deductive Reasoning:

How It Works



Complete the ProVet Application. 
If you meet the eligibility requirements, you'll receive enrollment instructions.



After you undergo a ProVet Battery Assessment debrief, you and your mentor will develop your long-term goals for success.



You’ll be enrolled in our 12-week course, which includes 48 high-impact videos plus accountability calls and coaching.



You’ll be on your way to an exciting new career…and you’ll be eligible to participate in all future ProVet Leadership Networking events.




With your new skills, developed through training, mentorship and job preparation, you’ll interview with confidence.



Upon completion, you’ll receive your ProVet Leadership Academy Certificate plus personalized job placement assistance.

Meet Our Mentors

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ProVet Leadership Academy Scholarships are available at no cost to post 9/11 veterans, transitioning service members, and military spouses who wish to take advantage of our unique organizational leadership training program. To be eligible you must agree to complete our 12-week course and be available for weekly calls with your Accountability Mentor. Upon application approval, you’ll be invited to participate in the final interview.

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